March 31, 2020--11:50 a.m - It IS permissible for coaches and directors to send workout routines to their respective teams. The routines must be general in nature, no activity specific instruction may be given. The original correspondence was intended to simulate the dead week, however it was not intended to prohibit coaches from recommending a workout routine for the current team members. Coaches may not instruct or guide the workout, but they may provide written workouts, or virtual workouts through YouTube or another virtual platform. No school facilities may be used. Team meetings conducted virtually for the purpose of organizing future fund raising efforts, ordering uniforms or other administrative purposes are permitted. With regard to cheer tryouts being held by a virtual platform, it is not specifically prohibited; however, a virtual platform does not, in our opinion, simulate the face-to-face tryout, and coaches may not be involved in any such tryout at this time. With the restriction on the coaches involvement, it would be very difficult to conduct a tryout in this manner, the final decision will be left to the local school district admin regarding their cheerleading tryouts. We appreciate your patience as we all navigate these constantly changing circumstances.

March 26, 2020—1:30 p.m.—On March 25, the State Superintendent announced that all public schools would remain closed until the end of the academic year for each respective public school. The academic year for schools will end between May 8 and May 15.

In conjunction with this decision the OSSAA Board voted unanimously, at the March 26, 2020 Teleconference Board Meeting, to cancel the State Basketball Tournament for Classes 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A and 6A; additionally, all spring activities have been cancelled for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.

For the purpose of all OSSAA member school activities, all school personnel, including certified, adjunct or volunteer coaches, as well as teachers, directors, or instructors are prohibited from engaging in any type of OSSAA member school activity involving secondary students; no practice, instruction, training, weight lifting, tryouts, competition or travel is permitted.

SUMMER TIME ACTIVITIES: Until further notice, no OSSAA member school activities will be permitted. The timeline for the beginning of summer activities will be provided to member schools at a time when CDC recommendations as well as State and Local government recommendations allow for safe participation.
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